Woof woof! Poodle cheers on horses during the race

Sherlock, the white fluffy poodle in this video, has a strange passion: horse racing. Interested and full of anticipation, he placed himself on the armchair, which is right in front of the big TV, so as not to miss any of the exciting race. After all, the dog wants to keep track of which horse wins the competition.

As if the poodle had made a bet, it tracks exactly who is ahead in the horse race. Apparently the candidate on whom he put his treats is behind. Reason enough to cheer on the horse and its rider with a loud bark. "Wuff! Go, run faster!", You can hear the four-legged friend, who is enthusiastic about sports and who can hardly stay on the armchair with excitement. A horse race is very exciting!

Clever, sweet and woolly: poodles as family dogs