A paradise for stray cats

What do you actually do when you discover that there are lots of stray cats in the neighborhood? For example, set up a cat paradise! The man in this video shows it.

Cats, cats and even more cats: For the animal lover in this video, this was an occasion to stand up for the wild stray animals. Cat food, safe hiding places, an adventure playground that you can use as you please, and regular visits to the vet: the velvet paws get everything your heart desires.

To keep the kitty gang safe from coyotes and other dangers, the animal lover brings them into the garden at night and closes the door. The next morning he lets her out again. The cat lover also kills two birds with one stone so that each of the wild catches gets his food regularly and that he gets it in the transport box before visiting the vet: he has accustomed the kitties to feeding in the box. No wonder they like to go in there!

As you can see at the end of the video, some of the four-legged friends have even become tame over time, can be petted and come into the house. How nice!

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