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Worms in cats: the right treatment

Especially cats that roam around a lot outside easily catch worms. With a special treatment, you can quickly free your little darling from the parasites. In rare cases, cats can also transmit worms to humans - Shutterstock / Alena Haurylik

If your pet suffers from worms, special treatment is always necessary. Otherwise, the pests will continue to multiply - and in very rare cases can also pass on to you.

Treatment of worms in cats

If the cat suffers from worms, the veterinarian prescribes special preparations that kill the worms. These can be administered both in tablet form and by injection or as a paste. There are also so-called spot-on agents that are applied to the skin in liquid form on the neck of the animal. If the type of worm is unknown, treatment with a combination preparation that is effective against various worms makes sense. Worm disease in cats should definitely be treated - otherwise there is a risk that the animal will suffer severe organ damage or even die from the consequences of the disease. In addition, some types of worms, such as fox tapeworm from cats, can also be transmitted to humans. Even if a fox tapeworm infection is very rare - in humans it almost always ends in death.

Deworm cats regularly

A worm infestation in cats manifests itself especially at the beginning of the illness with unspecific symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea. In the case of freelancers who do their business outside, an examination of the chair is also difficult. That's why you should deworm your little darling every three to four months when they are also rummaging around in the great outdoors. Apartment cats should also be dewormed regularly. Because you can also bring the worm eggs into the apartment without being noticed. For domestic cats, however, it is sufficient to administer the worming treatment once a year.

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