Games, fun and action: Frisbee slices for dogs

Is your dog a frisbee fan? No wonder, because the hunt for the nimble colored disk is a wonderful activity for sporty, lively and healthy dogs. It is important that you take special, dog-friendly discs for the retriever game, where fun is also a priority, as well as safety. Games, fun and action: Frisbee slices for dogs - Image: Shutterstock / Cryber

1. Frisbee for dogs: Robust, bite and water resistant

A Frisbee disc for dogs should be made of sturdy, bite-resistant material so as not to endanger them when playing. The four-legged friends should carry them lightly in their snouts and of course not be able to injure themselves on them. This one offers another advantage with its anti-shine surface: the dog is not dazzled when playing in the sun, so that the screen is a practical companion in any weather.

2. Nice and soft thanks to the foam core

This Frisbee slice is also specially made for dogs. Thanks to its foam core, it is very light, flies well and the dog's snout is not dangerous even during wild fishing maneuvers. It is covered with hard-wearing fabric and therefore nice and robust - how practical!

3. Floating frisbee for water lovers

This cheerful and colorful Frisbee disc is made of robust natural rubber and can swim - if you want to keep a water fan busy, you can surely delight him with this toy. But also on land, the dog toy is of course fun and keeps the risk of injury with its material low.

4. Set with mini frisbee for small dogs

Does your dog belong to a small breed of dog? Commercial Frisbee slices may then be too large for him. This cute waterproof mini frisbee, on the other hand, can be easily retrieved even by small dogs and is available in a set with a chic toy bone.

Sporty Frisbee fans playing