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Sugar-sweet: kittens as bowling professionals

Fix the ball, nudge and the cones fall: The sweet cat in this video is enthusiastic about bowling and shows in front of the camera how talented she is in this sport.

"If I roll the ball in this direction, then all the cones will fall over!", The little velvet paw seems to think and pushes the colored ball towards the white pins. She promptly brings down a few of them. The cheeky badger rolls the ball to the cones several times and finally manages to knock it down in one fell swoop.

"Great! And what do I do now?", The cute little tiger seems to ask himself. Instead of continuing to bowl, he starts spinning the cones with his paws and chasing the colorful balls. The kitty jumps happily through the room and apparently can hardly believe her luck. That must be true enthusiasm for sports!

Kittens on the ball: cute little sports cannons