If the dog is poaching: what you can do

If a dog tends to poach it is a great challenge for the owner. Because the urge to suddenly run after supposed prey can quickly become dangerous - not only for the animals or even people the dog chases, but also for itself. When a dog is poaching, training is the order of the day - Image: Shutterstock / Dora Zett

When a dog is poaching, it may run away unexpectedly to hunt a rabbit or other small animal. With this strong hunting instinct, he usually does not pay attention to where he is running - and in the worst case, ends up on a busy road, for example. If you do not want your four-legged friend to be trained as a hunting dog, it is important for everyone involved that you get used to such behavior.

When the dog is poaching: Good upbringing is essential

If your dog is poaching, it is best to approach its upbringing with a good dog trainer or in a dog school. No matter where you are looking for professional support: the professionals should definitely have experience with hunting dogs. A four-legged friend with a hunting instinct must listen to you impeccably and always take good care of you. It is not easy to teach a dog that your command has priority at all times, even if he has just spotted a rabbit on the horizon. As long as this does not work, you should not let your four-legged friend walk without a leash.

Distraction and load for the four-legged friend

If your dog is poaching, you should always keep a good eye on it. Ideally, you will discover potential prey before it does and leash your dog before he is tempted. If your four-legged friend also has a lot of exercise in your home, for example in the garden, it makes sense to surround the property with a high fence. This way, it cannot escape when an animal passing by wakes up its hunting instinct.

In addition, distract your dog as much as possible, power him up properly so that he no longer has any desire or strength to hunt. Search and hide-and-seek games are ideal for this and make the walk together much more interesting. In addition, regular dog sports ensure that your dog is challenged mentally and physically - rabbits, pheasants or even deer will soon be only half as interesting.

Of course, you can also ensure that you do not even have to use such training and employment techniques - for example, by carefully considering which dog breed does not have such a pronounced hunting instinct before purchasing a dog.

Different dogs and their hunting instinct

If you live near the forest, where rabbits, hedgehogs and the like whiz back and forth, hunting dogs like Weimaraner, Münsterländer or Setter are exposed to constant temptations. Accordingly, it is difficult to raise such a four-legged friend well and to keep it appropriately. With a dog that has only a small hunting instinct, you have an easier time of it. Dogs such as the Maltese, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or the pug are examples of dog breeds that have little interest in animals that roam freely: They are usually cozy and reliable companions in the forest and in the fields.

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