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Feeding cats in a multi-cat household individually: reasons

In a multi-cat household, it is sometimes necessary to feed cats individually. If, for example, a fur nose is chronically ill and needs special food or if one of the other's velvet paws constantly steals the food, a solution has to be found. Here are a few tips. Eating so peacefully next to each other does not work smoothly in every multi-cat household - Shutterstock / CssAndDesign

Cats, like humans, have different temperaments and cat personalities. In a multi-cat household, this can sometimes be difficult if cat friends have individual eating habits or nutritional needs. So there are gnawed house tigers, which feed the bowl of the more timid eaters, or a fur nose needs certain diet food that the other salon lion does not get.

Multi-cat household: Feed fussy and greedy cats fairly

Some velvet paws have a greater appetite than others, and may even be prone to jealousy. If such twists are fed together with picky gourmet mies, there can be arguments. Or the wolverine is gradually becoming too thick and the fussy sniffing snout comes too short and becomes too thin. So that it doesn't even come to this, your cuddly cheeks not only need everyone their own bowl, but their own feeding place. For feeding, ideally separate the cats spatially so that each cat can eat in its own way.

The fussy little tiger can also get small portions more often during the day to meet his needs. Or you can cover the bowl with cling film and put it in the fridge when your timid eater turns to other things after a few bites. You should get your Schlinger used to fixed meal times and limit his portions - then he only eats as much as he gets and does not overdo it. If it is not possible to separate the room tigers spatially because your apartment is too small, it is best to get both kies used to fixed meal times and to separate them from one another in time.

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Cats in the multi-cat household need different food

Cats with kidney problems, hepatic insufficiency, diabetes and other chronic diseases often need special food. Overweight pelts are also given special dietary food by the vet to help them lose weight. This is also a reason to feed velvet paws individually in the multi-cat household. The reason for this is that the special food may lack or reduce nutrients that healthy cats absolutely need and that would only harm the chronically ill salon lions. Or there are added nutrients that the sick kitty needs but the healthy Schnuffelschnute does not. A spatial and / or temporal separation also helps here. It can also help if you calmly supervise feeding in the background. So you can intervene if a cheeky cat interferes in the eating of her conspecific or disturbs her.

If your animal resident in the multi-cat household is previously used to using a full bowl or automatic feeder, you have to change the rules as soon as a cat needs special food. It is important that you do not introduce the change abruptly, as it irritates the sensitive fur lines too much. Change the food and fixed meal times as well as regulated portion sizes gradually.