Miniature small goat befriends puppy dogs

They are both white, both very young and both super cute - the dog puppy and the baby goat in the video are a real feast for the eyes! The mini goat is just discovering the apartment of her human parents, in which the fluffy dog ​​already knows his way around. You already get to know each other, sometimes very fast, but always friendly and warm.

The dog is very excited about visiting the little sugar goat. Again and again he sniffs around her curiously, jumps wildly through the apartment and is simply delighted about his new playmate. Particularly funny: Whenever the woof whizzes through the apartment as if stung by the tarantula, it ends up in his dog bed shortly afterwards, as if nothing had happened. The goat is a bit more careful and shy, but is not afraid of the happy dog ​​lightning. Play well together, you two rascals!

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