A guest in the animal household: tips for visitors

Slouching dogs, cats stroking their legs, fluffy mice or birds flying around their heads - an animal household is a blessing and joy for many. But not everyone feels comfortable as a guest among pets. Here you can find out what you should do if you are invited to a pet household but cannot do anything with the four-legged friends or are even afraid of them. "How cute! A dog!", Many think, but not all. Visitors to the animal household should talk about fears and malaise - Shutterstock / Javier Brosch

The friends have pets and you are invited. You are not an animal hater, but are you afraid of fur or do you feel uncomfortable near them? This is not the end of the world. It is only important that you communicate your concerns openly and together with the host find a solution that is satisfactory for all parties.

Talk openly about your concerns

Talk to the host about your problem and concerns about pets before you visit. It is important that you do not charge and do not make any demands. Ideally, you are open to a confrontation with the animals and let the pet owner give you tips on the correct handling of dogs, cats and the like. So you can get used to the fur noses and even make friends with them.

In any case, the host should know in advance that you feel uncomfortable between the four-legged friends - this way, he can avoid unpleasant surprises for you, such as a stormy greeting from the dog at the door, and take certain precautions to make you feel more comfortable with him ,

The host determines the rules

Basically, however, you should be aware that the host determines the rules in his home. The welfare of visitors is no less important than the welfare of pets. It is best to send your concerns about the cat walking over the sofa or the budgie flying around the kitchen in the kitchen as an "I message" and do not criticize the animal household as such. Standards for animal husbandry, hygiene and correct or incorrect handling of animals vary from person to person, which should be respected. If the host knows about your feelings, he may consider them - if he feels attacked, a dispute could arise.

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If you feel unwell: ignore animals

If you are a guest in an animal household and want to avoid contact with pets, it is best not to pay any attention to them. Dogs, in particular, then quickly lose interest in you. Under no circumstances should you react nervously, hectically or even aggressively - pets are very empathetic and feel emotions. If you become screeching, screaming or even palpable (which you really shouldn't be!), The four-legged friends could also react aggressively. So stay calm and distant and avoid eye contact, especially with cats. Staring at cats can be extremely irritating. In the best case, the host ensures that the animals leave you alone. If not, you can kindly ask him.