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Shorty and Kodi: Cats give advice on choosing a cat

The two cats Shorty and Kodi know exactly which professions cats can best practice. In this video they give some tips. For example, velvet paws are excellent gravity testers. They also succeed in whisking freshly washed and ironed laundry wonderfully.

Watch cat and interior designer are other great career opportunities for the fur noses, and as tail hunters and letter openers they also look great. And what would cat lovers be without a competent, purring bathroom assistant? In addition, the world always needs knowledgeable cardboard box inspectors, velvet-pawed welcome committees for guests and fluffy bed warmers.

Not to forget the cat professions of masseuse, alarm clock and cuddle expert. Kitties are also masters of ghost hunting and are happy to bring gifts to their favorite people. Exercise and yoga are even more fun with cats, and the fur noses are perfect for ruining photos. Chasing beetles, whizzing through the corridor in the cancer corridor and helping with office work - all wonderful cat jobs.

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