Three mini kids wear cozy warm wool sweaters

The three little kids in the video are called Arthur, Edith and Eleanor and are just one day old. The night of her birth, there was a cold snap in her native Maine, in the north of the United States, and temperatures dropped below zero. Fortunately, their owners had hand-knitted, cozy warm wool sweaters ready for the baby goats. How the three little animals so gently wrapped around fluffy is just too delightful!

The sweet kids Arthur, Edith and Eleanor live with their mom at the "Sunflower Farm Creamery". The owners of the small goat milk farm in North America have made it their business to treat each of their animals with appreciation and love. Large, industrial goat milk farms "sort" animals that do not provide enough or no milk to remain profitable. At the "Sunflower Farm" every goat is kept alive and kept or given to dear people as pets. When you watch the three goat kids in their cuddly wool sweaters, how they start trying to walk, hopping around and how much their mama loves them, then their hearts are beating!

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