Causes of incontinence in dogs

Incontinence in dogs is manifested by the loss of small or large amounts of urine. This usually happens in an uncontrolled manner and sometimes puts a lot of stress on some affected dogs. Here you can find out which causes can be responsible for the wetting. Special diapers for dogs avoid annoying urine stains in the home - Shutterstock / Steve Heap

Incontinence in dogs often occurs in older four-legged friends and can be annoying for the dog and owner. The dog may be ashamed - although of course he can not help it - and the owner has to struggle with urine in his own four walls. But younger dogs can also suffer from uncontrolled loss of urine. The following are some of the reasons why dogs get wet.

Old dogs: muscle weakness and forgetfulness as causes

Old dogs mostly have to deal with typical age problems, which include the loss of muscle mass. Muscles are also located on the urethra and bladder wall. A decrease in this muscle tissue can result in uncontrolled loss of urine. Another reason for incontinence in dogs can be forgetfulness or dementia in old age. Your senior could simply forget that urine is discharged outside and not next to the sofa.

Under certain circumstances, old, sick dogs simply cannot make their way out, because they cannot overcome obstacles due to advanced arthrosis, for example.

When dogs get sick in old age

Dogs are much more susceptible to disease in old age and healing takes longer. Yet…

Disease incontinence in dogs

Dog incontinence can also be attributed to several diseases. For example, kidney diseases, urinary stones, tumors, nerve damage (e.g. as a result of an accident), hormonal disorders and infections by bacteria, parasites, viruses or fungi can lead to incontinence. Congenital malformations in the area of ​​the bladder or urethra are also possible - in this case, the loss of urine is noticeable even in young animals. Urine can also escape uncontrollably as a symptom of a bladder infection in dogs. Some bitches suffer from incontinence due to castration.

Other causes of incontinence: fear, joy, excitement, etc.

The proverbial "make your pants in fear" may also apply to dogs. Great excitement, whether in the form of fear or joy, can cause your four-legged friend to leak urine. Stress is also a possible factor. In any case, you should talk to the veterinarian about the causes and treatment of incontinence. If the dog cannot find a physical cause of the incontinence in dogs, it may be a behavioral disorder that is psychologically related. Then an animal psychologist can help.