Buy Landseer: You should pay attention to this

The Landseer is a large, friendly and eager to learn dog breed, which is wonderfully suitable as a family dog. However, before you buy a Landseer, you should think about whether you can offer it a species-appropriate environment. These tips will help you decide. These two cute plushies are Landseer puppies - Shutterstock / Waldemar Dabrowski

One thing is clear: a Landseer needs a lot of space. He also feels most comfortable when he is a permanent member of the family and is allowed to be everywhere. If you buy a Landseer, you should be able to spare enough time for it.

Requirements for a Landseer

Landseer are still very small as puppies, but the bitches are two to three years old and the males are five years old, they become huge. A Landseer lady weighs 40 to 55 kilograms of body weight, a Landseer male impresses with 50 to 70 kilograms of body weight - some of these dogs get even bigger. This means that you need a large apartment if you want to buy a Landseer. Ideal is a ground floor apartment so that the big dog does not have to climb as many stairs. He is also happy about a beautiful large garden, which should be fenced off so that the lively Landseer does not go on a discovery tour alone.

However, the garden cannot replace daily walks with your favorite people. If the Landseer is fully grown and you drive slowly, you can also take it by bike. You will particularly enjoy the friendly Landseer when he is allowed to play on his walks in the water. In the following video you can watch some playful Landseers splashing in the water:

In addition to a lot of space, the big dogs also need a lot of work and a consistent upbringing, otherwise they can become stubborn. In addition to the acquisition costs for the Landseer, consider that it also needs age-appropriate, high-quality dog ​​food and that the costs for visits to the veterinarian and other eventualities should also be provided. Landseer can live to be between nine and 14 years old - are you ready to take care of this big dog for so long? He is mostly very human-oriented and loves his family - giving him up later would be a hard blow for him.

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Buy only from reputable breeders Landseer

As for all dog breeds, the same applies to the Landseer that you should definitely buy it from a good breeder who sees breeding as a matter of the heart and who cares about the well-being of animals. You should stay away from unscrupulous multipliers or purely profit-oriented dealers.

So take all the time in the world to find the right Landseer for you and don't be afraid to look around at several breeders before deciding on a puppy. A reputable breeder will be at your side with advice and action, introduce you to the parents and provide you with many useful tips so that the Landseer puppy has it really well with you.