6 simple tips for beautiful dog photos

You only have a few snapshots of your four-legged friend and would like to have really nice dog photos of him? If you don't want to pay an expensive photographer for it, you can also take great dog photos yourself. Here are six helpful tips you should take to heart. This photo model obviously has fun at work - an important basis for beautiful photos - Shutterstock / tiggra

It is not always easy to properly position the beloved fur nose. For beautiful dog photos you need patience, practice, a dose of luck and above all: fun. Without joy and a relaxed atmosphere, the shoot quickly becomes a strenuous act. The following general tips will help you to get the perfect photo.

1. Tips for the location for beautiful dog photos

The right location plays a crucial role for beautiful dog photos. It is best to choose a place in the wild (meadow, forest, etc.) and make sure that the spot is free of disturbing elements such as people, power lines, cars and Co. It is best to choose a location for dog photos in which your four-legged model can move well and happy.

2. Movement brings life into the picture

Speaking of movement. Depending on the type of photo you want to take, you can take a photo of your dog in a still position or capture it while playing, romping and running. The latter looks lively, authentic and usually shows your dog from its most joyful side. Joy and fun are two factors that should not be underestimated for beautiful dog photos.

3. Sharpness should be on the eyes

The dog look should be sharp on every dog ​​photo. Background and Co. can be blurred, but the eyes must be captured with maximum sharpness so that the photo shows effect. It is also important that a light reflex can be seen in the eye - eyes without a reflex do not appear so lively.

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4. Take photos at eye level

Your position as a hobby photographer is also important. If possible, position yourself at eye level with your cold nose. Photos that are shot from above or below often cause strange proportions. However, you can also use this effect artistically and experiment a little with the perspective. For starters, however, do not go wrong with a perspective at eye level.

5. The dog's direction of view is important

Make sure that there is always a little more space where your dog is looking than on the other side. This brings tension to the picture. A photo in which the dog looks almost directly at the edge of the picture appears slightly narrow and depressed.

6. Tips for the light: Best early in the morning or evening

There is no bad weather for beautiful dog photos. Sunshine as well as stormy skies or snow showers can have a good effect on the pictures. In the eyes of many, however, daylight is particularly "magical" in the early morning. The light then has a high proportion of red, which is pleasantly warm and shadows are less hard. Tip: The same applies to the evening hours. The blazing midday sun in midsummer is not a good time for photos, as hard light with strong contrasts works here.