Kitten Kuro vs. Carton: "A great hiding place!"

"Somehow I have to be able to slip into this box!" Kitty Kuro thinks in the video and examines a small handkerchief box - and decides after a short decision for the hair-raising method.

Instead of crawling cautiously into the box, Kuro first puts his head and then his whole body into the box. The box tears a little in some places, but the cat is not interested at all. Several times the kitten storms towards the cardboard box.

Her buddy, a sweet corgi, initially observes the hustle and bustle - until he finally wants to end the exuberant game of the kitty and carefully taps on the tissue box to lure the velvet paw out of its hiding place. "You just bother me in my doing. Wait!" And already the playful animals wrestle with each other. Heartedly!