Hygiene of dogs and cats in detail

Like people, who have the habit of brushing their teeth right after meals, showering every day, combing their hair, moisturizing their skin, trimming (or shaving) their hair, cutting their nails, cleaning their ears and many other rituals. for a healthy life, there is also a hygiene routine for dogs and cats.

The quality of life of pets depends on their cleanliness, if they are dirty they carry microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, capable of causing the most diverse types of diseases. So, the practice of dog and cat hygiene. The bad breath of the dog is one of the biggest complaints of its owners, however, it is lack of care of themselves this cause, because the brushing must be done, at least, three times a week. Find out how to keep your pet “always up to date”!

The basics in dog and cat hygiene

The nails of the animals are fragile, so they must be trimmed by specialists, who know the right and necessary size, in addition to having the nail clipper for dogs or specific cats. In this way, it also avoids any injury, infection or inflammation from the wrong cut, since there is a limit between the blade (nail) and a vase (that pink part), as well as in humans, which in this case would be the meat".

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With this practice of dog and cat hygiene, the pet has more freedom to run, jump, hang, jump in the lap of people without hurting them and germs still do not proliferate in this part of its body. You also do not run the risk of breaking your nails and having to be taken care of later with injectable dressings and remedies. And it is worth remembering: the frequency of the cut depends on the age of the pet. For this, always keep an eye on and see if it is big, so, whether in the pet shop or when visiting the vet, ask for it to be reduced.

Another fundamental cleaning item is the ears. It should be performed every 15 days, because when excessive, it removes the natural secretion that protects against bacterial and fungal infections. Use flexible cotton rods and products suitable for this task, always with great care, delicacy and patience.

This kind of dog and cat hygiene it has to be done until the ear canal of the furry one, because its eardrum is in a distant place of there and it will not be affected. However, it should be remembered that this cleanliness requires sensitivity and attention, as the pet may want to move or itch and then, in this case, end up getting hurt. Dirt is common to stay on the stem, but blood, pus or brownish secretion does not, so with these signs that something is not right, run to the vet!

Xô, bad breath! Hygiene of dogs and cats in the mouth

They do not need to brush their teeth after every meal, but it is recommended once a day. In addition to various types of toothbrushes and toothpastes exclusive to them for sale, the use of fluoride and spray to complete cleaning and avoid tartar leaves your buddy with oral health intact. (Always remember to consult a specialist to advise if your friend can use these products and which are the most suitable in this case).

For this dog and cat hygiene specific, you need to be calm, as many of them are not fans. Lift the animal's mouth, leave the teeth exposed and start brushing backwards, in movements from top to bottom. Take advantage of this moment and see if he does not have inflamed gums, because if this is happening and is not treated, it can cause teeth to fall, diseases caused by bacteria and even a periodontitis, which is irreversible.

And the bath? The hygiene of dogs and cats in addition to the shower

Every pet has to bathe, blow dry, have their hair finished and look beautiful with the tie or ribbon on their head, everyone knows. But hygienic grooming is also essential for him to have his genital part and his paws always clean.

Long-haired animals can have their hairs very embarrassed, have these regions stuffy, causing the appearance of dermatitis, mycoses and fungi, which makes the hair fall, in addition to this procedure preventing the appearance of fleas and ticks. Therefore, consult a qualified professional and make this shear whenever necessary, so that he is continuously with the necessary places trimmed and the dog and cat hygiene in perfect conditions.

Finally, the eyes also deserve particular attention. In the bath, the secretion will soften and be easily removed, but on a daily basis it should be removed with cotton wool moistened with filtered water or saline, making circular movements, always from the inside out. Never apply any other product without the veterinarian's guidance. And if you notice changes, run to the office, because only he will know how to assess what is affecting your pet's eye health.

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