A Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy is growing up

At the beginning of this video, Rhodesian Ridgeback Sophia is still a little puppy of two months. But 23 seconds later, the small, clumsy dog ​​has grown into a large, adult animal. Pretty impressive!

To compare the sizes, Sophias Frauchen always placed them in the same place in front of an electrical outlet for the photos. At the beginning, her little puppy tummy is still covering the socket, but her long, lanky legs with the big tapas paws already indicate how big she will be as an adult Rhodesian Ridgeback. Then you can see in the time-lapse how the cute puppy becomes a three-year-old adult.

What looks so simple and amazing in the video was actually not as easy as the outtakes below show. After all, Sophia always had to be in the same place for the photos so that it could become a time-lapse video. The beautiful bitch apparently did not always feel like taking a moment to pause the picture.

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