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These 4 dog breeds like people more than dogs

Dogs are man's best friends - whoever has a four-legged friend at home can confirm this. Some dog breeds are more focused on humans than others. Here you will find 4 fur noses that mistresses and mum may even prefer more than other dogs. Maltese are very people-related and lovable dogs - Shutterstock / Lucky Business

How do we know that dogs love us? They seek our closeness, are loyal, loyal, care and protect us. A dog is no less valuable as a friend than a human mate. The following dog breeds are considered to be particularly human-related - with proper dog training always also playing an important role.

1. Collie: loyalty and kindness

In the eyes of many, the Collie is the most human-friendly dog. Collies are among the dog breeds that people love more than anything and are absolutely loyal to their owner. They worry about their human friends and never let them hang. Collies are absolute family dogs and infinitely adorable.

2. German Shepherd: Brilliant and popular

A German Shepherd is one of the world's most respected dog breeds. They are usually loyal to humans and love to interact with their caregivers. It is not for nothing that German Shepherds are used as working dogs almost everywhere in the world. Whether in the military or the police - the brilliant and absolutely loyal dogs are an asset to any animal lover.

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3. Bulldog: frugal and loyal

Bulldogs are not considered the prettiest dogs. Such superficial considerations, however, vanish into thin air once you look at a bulldog and recognize the inner beauty of these endearing animals. A bulldog is closely connected to its people and loves bipeds above all else. They are very frugal and patient, even with children who are a little more stormy when playing or cuddling.

4. Maltese: cuddly and affectionate

Maltese are small, cute and absolutely fond of their people. While other dog breeds go for a stroll in the park and unite with other dogs to play with, Maltese mostly stay side by side with their owners. Most copies of the fur balls are looking for closeness at all times, want to cuddle and cuddle whenever possible.