New study: Pets in bed are good for sleep

Breathe easy for all animal lovers who let their pets sleep in bed. According to a new US study, cats, dogs and the like in bed are said to promote sleep. It is based on a survey of people who shared or shared the bed with their animal friends. Many pet owners find that pets in bed have a positive effect on sleep - Shutterstock / Kati-Molin

During the day, dogs and cats are man's best friends and prefer not to leave them. At night it looks different in the eyes of some pet owners - their opinion: pets do not belong in bed. Researchers at the Mayo Sleep Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona disagree.

Pets in bed ensure a positive sleep effect

Ultimately, every pet owner must decide for themselves whether pets are a no-go in bed or not. However, the new study now brings a few arguments in the direction of per cat or dog in bed. A total of 150 people were asked whether they were sleeping in the presence of their dogs or cats.

56 respondents said they let their pets sleep in bed - only 20 percent said they were woken up by the animal at night. A full 41 percent said that their animal sleeping companions made it easier for them to sleep. Almost everyone said that the pets in bed give a feeling of security and security.

Let cat sleep in bed: yes or no?

A cat in bed is the epitome of bliss for many cat owners. Who brings it ...

Singles in particular like pets in bed

Not only, but especially singles spoke very positively about pets in bed, says Dr. Lois Krahn, author of the study: "People who sleep alone, not necessarily singles, even those whose partners are often away and work at night, for example, emphasize the advantages of being together in bed and bathroom." It is understandable that dogs and cats trigger good feelings in animal lovers - after all, people spend a lot of time in bed and at the same time want to spend a lot of time with their beloved four-legged friends.