Motorcyclist saves kittens from the crossroads

Uff, that was close! In the video, a motorcyclist is waiting at a busy intersection for the traffic light to turn green when she suddenly appalled "Stop!" calls and tries to stop the cars. A small tabby cat has lost its way in the middle of the street and is almost run over several times. Fortunately, the motorcyclist is so attentive and notices the poor thing - without further ado she stops and takes the kitten in her arms.

In the commentary to the video, the motorcyclist writes that the kitten had apparently been looking for warmth under a car and was not noticed by the owner of the car. The mini cat fell out at the crossroads. At first, she thought it was just a sheet of paper on the street, and in fact, on the GoPro pictures of her helmet camera, at first only a tiny, small reddish dot is indistinctly recognizable. After picking up the tiger, she briefly hands it to a passer-by to get her motorcycle from the intersection. Then she puts the kitten safely in her helmet to take it home and to see if anyone misses the frightened animal.

A day later, the motorcyclist posts an update of the little cat, who turned out to be a cat and is now called Skidmark - which translates to "brake track". There he plays very carefree and seems to have coped well with the shock. What luck!

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