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Baby elephant: "Oh mom, let me splash around!"

The animal mom in this video is in a hurry. While a baby elephant splashes happily in the mud and enjoys the day, his mother finally wants to start walking. Reason enough to give the little pachyderm legs.

"Come on, little guy now! No, don't bathe further in the mud!", The big elephant wants to explain to the offspring. The sweet bathing expert simply does not want to spend time on land, but in the cool water all day. But what mom says must also be done. Carefully she pushes her child in the right direction with her trunk and tries to steer her away from the water. But that's not so easy. But with a little patience, the little junk can be torn away from his paddling pool - only a short time later to take a break at another water point. Sweet Fratz will be very happy!

Lovable dodger: elephant babies in action