Nose work with the dog: what is it?

The dog's sense of smell is well known. Four-legged friends love to use their nose. With nose work you can therefore occupy your dog particularly well and teach him something at the same time. But what exactly is nose work? Nose work with the dog is fun for dogs and owners - Shutterstock / Igor Normann

The sensitive noses of dogs predestine the four-legged friends for all activities that have to do with smelling. They have 125 to 220 million olfactory cells, while humans only have around five million. In addition, dogs can even smell "stereo", so select smells. It is no coincidence that some four-legged friends are used as tracking dogs or search dogs. These working dogs have trained their special skills using nose work.

Forms of nose work: two examples

Nose work can take many forms - the simple example of searching for an object can be used to explain exactly what is behind it. To do this, hide an object on a walk together or at home, the smell of which your sniffer knows well. Ask him to look for it. You will be amazed at how quickly the dog's nose strikes. The level of difficulty can be increased without limit when searching for an item.

Another popular model is tracking. A "human" trail is laid in nature, which the dog follows with the help of its good smell. The four-legged friend can follow the trail through changes in the soil and the specific smell of the "hunted". A positive side effect: With this type of tracking work, the "hunter" focuses on the human smell and in the best case releases game.

The right smell: sense of smell in dogs

The dog is considered a so-called nasal animal, which means that its environment is essentially ...

Advantages: Physical and mental demands

Nose work strengthens the bond between you and your dog, strengthens the concentration of your four-legged friend and challenges him both physically and mentally - nose-working is therefore one of the most sensible employment opportunities for the four-legged friend. Another advantage: nose work strengthens the self-confidence of dogs. If your loyal friend solves a playful task, he will automatically emerge strengthened from it. In particular, anxious dogs or animals with anxiety disorders benefit from sniffing if they pursue their natural talents.