Dog and cat owners have very different personalities

Increasingly present in everyday life today, dogs and cats are already part of the homes of many, many Brazilians, causing more attention to be given in relation to the theme pets and the segment to strive to always have new ideas and products to win over the consumer.

However, while there are people who claim to love both dogs and cats the same way, in the vast majority of cases there is a definite preference in the mind of those who choose to have a pet indoors, and Carroll University in the United States, has just carried out a special study on the subject, showing how the dogs and cats they may have favoritism in this dispute and what are the main differences in the personality of those who choose each one.

Conducted with the participation of 600 university students, the research that was disclosed at an event of the Psychological Science Association, in the city of San Francisco, was focused on people's preference for dogs or cats and also addressed the qualities that the interviewees most appreciate in their Pets.

Proving, once again, that the worldwide preference is still for dogs, the study revealed that 60% of respondents love dogs, while only 11% declared themselves to be lovers of the feline world. The other participants in the project said they liked both animals or neither.

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According to the analysis, the personality of the tutor would be more similar to that of the animal chosen as a pet and, therefore, a more independent and suspicious person, for example, would be more likely to choose a cat as a pet, since the personality of the animal is more similar to the profile of this tutor. The same occurs in the case of dogs, who end up having more outgoing and sociable owners.

Check below what are the most striking features of the cat owners and the tutors who have pets in the house:

Dog owners

  • They tend to be more sociable and more active than feline owners
  • Generally, they follow more rules than cat guardians
  • Enjoys interacting with people a lot, taking their pet for a walk frequently

Cat owners

  • Has a greater tendency to be introverted and more sensitive
  • Despite being introverted, they tend to have a very open mind
  • They may not follow the rules as much as dog owners

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