Curious little dogs: Corgi puppies to melt away

Even so tiny and extremely curious: The tiny Corgi puppies in this video are not only cute and fluffy, but already very playful. Awakened and curious, the young dogs take a close look at their home and do not shy away from nibbling on shoes or running through the area.

"Yeah, what's that?" The fluffy puppies ask as they stand in front of a large shoe. Brave as they are, of course, you can not take a sniff at the interesting footwear and nibble on the shoelaces.

But the big wide world has much more to offer the sweet heartbreakers. The little four-legged friends are happy to be petted by their owners and let off steam around the cuddly soft carpet. The little balls of fur already show who is in charge and give golden attempts at barking. Sooo sweet!