These cat breeds are particularly affectionate

Compared to dogs, cats are generally considered to be less affectionate and cuddly. However, some cat breeds prove that there are quite a few exceptions to this rule. Here you can find out which velvet paws are particularly clingy. Affiliated cat breeds like the Siam do not leave their owners by the side - Shutterstock / Axel Bueckert

Not all cats like to cuddle and cuddle around the clock. Many house tigers love their independence and only come to mistress or owner for petting from time to time. The following cat breeds are very different and are even referred to as "cat dogs" because of their special human orientation.

The Siamese cat: extrovert, sensitive and cuddly

The sensitive and empathetic Siamese cat is considered one of the most extroverted breeds of cats. She seeks closeness to people like hardly any other velvet paw and accordingly reacts quickly frustrated or depressed if she is neglected. The sociable and playful domestic cat loves her cuddling units and regularly demands them.

Balinese: Oriental cuddly monsters

Balinese cats are absolute philanthropists. They are playful, cuddly and, like the related Siamese cats, require a lot of closeness to all family members. Tip: Since social Balinese is very reluctant to be alone, it is best to keep two cats. Otherwise, for a successful human-cat relationship, it is advisable to keep very close contact with the velvet paw from the Orient and not to leave it alone for long.

British Shorthair and Long Hair: Close relationship with humans

The British Shorthair and British Longhair are also very affectionate breeds of cats, which usually build a close bond with humans. The friendly and social parlor tigers regularly collect their pats and often stay in the immediate vicinity of all family members. Caution: cuddling at night in bed is no exception.

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Singapura: Tender cat with a lot of tenderness

Singapura cats are the lightest and most petite of all domestic cats. Appropriately, her character demands a lot of tenderness from people. The Singapura is as affectionate as it is sensitive and follows its owner at every turn. Pampering moments reward the gentle cat with a lot of love.

Other pending cat breeds

In addition to the fur noses described above, the Bengal, Persian, Ragdoll and Maine Coon breeds are also considered affectionate, friendly and cuddly. The Turkish Angora, the American Curl, Abyssinian and the Manx cat are all looking for human proximity.