"Off to Heia!" Cat mom carries mini-kitty to bed

The super cute kitten in this video somehow managed to crawl on the bed of its owners and is carefully exploring its surroundings. But somehow the young cat searches for her sleeping place and cannot remember where it is. Fortunately, the cat mom knows the way to the cozy corner.

"I can no longer remember the way to my bed. Where do I have to go?", The sugar-sweet Fratz seems to be thinking during his tour on the cozy blanket of his owners. Slowly the kitten gropes around on the soft surface and turns in a circle. But apparently the fleece ball got lost. "No problem! I just call my mom!", The little animal thinks and meows several times very gently and quietly.

Suddenly the cat mother stands next to her, gently grabs her with her mouth and carries her to the sleeping place on the floor. "Oh right. We always keep our naps in the cat bed and not on the mattress of the owner and mistress. I forgot that!" The young house tiger can rely on his mother! Heartedly!

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