Małgorzata Lewińska and her cats - Burka and Tosia

If I didn't have a cat ... I would have a lot of mice.

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My cats are… Exceptional

My cats are named... Burqa, because... she is bura (almost black) and the other is Tosia, because she is Tosiowata, she is very cuddly and is a typical girl

I got cats... from fate, I must have deserved it

My cats like the best… Do what they like

I like my cats... knead the cabbage on the quilt

I envy my cats… Freedom of choice

We have common with my cats… Meow

The cat is happy... purring cat

People who like cats… They are good people, sometimes weird

Cat's music is... a hoarse

I tear up cats most often... with my cat when he hesitates whether or not to enter

At the sight of a black cat… I call Burka

Most often they turn the cat over with its tail... cats ... and put him upright

Why not a dog? I also have dogs, two black Labradors

If I didn't have a cat… I would have a lot of mice

If I were a cat… I wouldn't care about anything

Video: Tosia uciekła od mamy Uli! Poznała jej prawdziwą twarz Na Wspólnej odc. 2652 (June 2021).