Responsible ownership of animals is key

While the entities and the public that acts in defense and protection of animals continue with efforts to end the great level of abandonment - in addition to the frequent episodes of cruelty - against animals; many still do not know for sure what the responsible possession of animals consists of, contributing to the fact that mistreatment and a series of negligences continue to be part of the lives of these dear and loving beings.

It is a simple and, in a way, even obvious concept; The responsible ownership of animals it is something that needs to be widely disseminated in Brazil - especially nowadays, in which the country presents an unfriendly scenario for many animals that end up cowardly abandoned.

One of the main bases of responsible possession is, precisely, in ensuring that a person who has just taken an animal home does not end up abandoning it later - either due to a lack of resources to care for it or simply because a family member does not want more a pet in your life.

That said, it is clear that it is essential to make sure you have enough money to have a pet, although it is still part of the speech of many the claim that ‘to care for a pet you don’t need to have money’.

For it to be able to live well and in health, it is essential that an animal such as a dog or a cat receives all the main vaccines that protect them against dangerous diseases in the animal world - and, also, that the tutors of this pet have sufficient conditions to make an appointment. consult with a veterinary professional or pay for procedures to treat you when an episode of illness or fracture happens to occur.

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The feed of the animal must also be taken into account in the financial question, as well as the need for products to maintain the hygiene and the well-being of the animal on a daily basis. Along with that, the person who is thinking of taking home a pet You must also be sure that you are really able to care for and spend time with the animal, taking it for a walk and offering it all the affection it deserves - since the lack of attention, in addition to being able to harm the physical health of the animal. animal, can also end up causing psychological disorders in it, like depression.

Another important point to take into account before adopting a pet is the relationship it will have with your new family; since animals such as dogs and cats, for example, can live for up to 20 years - and it is necessary that both the 'main' owner and his entire family agree with the arrival of the pet, as he will need caresses, walks, attention, care and all kinds of assistance for the entire period in which you live.

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