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Cute basset hound puppy is playing with tennis ball for the first time

The most darling little basset hound puppy in the video has a squeaky yellow favorite toy: a tennis ball. When the little dog chases the ball and chews happily on it, the cute face is in its element. Too cute!

The cuddly Basset Hound puppy is only twelve weeks old and therefore playful. As soon as the tennis ball rolls in front of it, the brisk floppy tube whizzes behind and is extremely proud when it has caught its "prey". This incredibly cute four-legged friend has it really good: In the large apartment and the garden, he can whiz back and forth to his heart's content without having to twist his back while climbing stairs. Basset hounds don't do that well with their short legs. In addition, exercise is particularly beneficial for this breed of dog, as it is otherwise prone to being overweight.

Basset Hound: hound from Great Britain