Piff! Paff! Kitten Kuro brushed on riot

Kitten Kuro has it behind his ears! In this video, the little black cat shows that she is a real martial arts professional. Your buddy, the Corgi Goro, has to serve as an involuntary training partner and is always wiped by the cheeky kitten. Kuro hides behind a corner and waits for the dog to walk past without suspecting anything. He takes the swing and - Patsch! - ambush the good-natured Corgi. Fortunately, the mini-kitty did not fully extend her claws, so the cheeky game does not hurt the dog.

Then Bruce Lee could just look at something. Kitten Kuro seems to be a born kung fu talent. The little cat lurks silently in its hiding place until its "victim" comes along. Whoosh! There is already a hail of paws for the Corgi Goro. The dog does not seem to mind that his cat friend is brushed up like this. After all, Kuro is careful not to inflict pain on his dog-mate. And even a cheeky kitten like Kuro will one day grow taller and calmer. Then Goro can stroll peacefully through the apartment again without suddenly having a belligerent fruit like Kuro jumping on his back.