7 curious cat habits that everyone knows

Cuddly tigers sometimes have the strangest quirks. Whether they play the alarm clock at night or lick up the shower water - cat habits often seem strange to people. But the behavior of the funny fur noses is always lovable. This cat tastes the water best from the glass - Shutterstock / Nailia Black

Do you recognize your cuddly tiger in the following cat habits? Or does he have a different, strange behavior?

1. Early morning cat habits

It seems as if the velvet paws are waiting for their people to sleep soundly before they remember that they are hungry, want to go outside, or need petting. One of the typical cat habits is that the fur noses leave no stone unturned in order to lure the owner out of bed in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Especially cheeky hobby alarm clocks choose a time that is too early to be awake, but too late to continue sleeping after the request of Ms. Samtpfote or Mr. Schmusetiger has been fulfilled.

2. Strange behavior in the bathroom

Other fur noses find it outrageous when their favorite people disappear into the bathroom without them. So they scurry through the door and make themselves comfortable in the sink, on the washing machine or on the edge of the bathtub. From there they watch how the owner takes a shower, or make up jokes to pass the time. After the shower, the toilet paper is suddenly lovingly unwound or one or the other perfume flacon has fallen on the floor. The cat knows nothing, goes into the shower and wipes off the wet walls.

3. Splashing in the water bowl

The miezis then spurn the water in the bowl provided. Instead, one of the typical cat habits is to paw in the water and spread the liquid all around the bowl. Some cats also dip their paw in the cool water and then lick it off. In any case, it is much more interesting for many house tigers to drink the water from the glasses that people have put on the table for themselves.

4. Funny cat toy

And if the favorite person has so much toys, the most interesting are paper balls, boxes and other waste to play with. If, for example, the biped has just put a lot of effort into setting up the new cat tree, the cat will play with the packaging and have a great time. Hands and feet are also popular toys, for example when they move under the covers. Biting in there is great pleasure for the velvet paws.

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5. Stop people from working

Certain cat habits are to be understood as a declaration of love, for example if your fur nose wants to cuddle exactly when you are working on the computer or reading a book. The Miez purposefully makes herself comfortable on the keyboard or the book and demands attention. Sometimes she varies her behavior and lies on your lap in such a way that you can no longer get to the keyboard or recognize the writing in the book.

6. Unusual cat hideouts

The fur balls like to be left alone and therefore often look for the most creative hiding places for their nap. You can sleep undisturbed in the closet or in the laundry basket - preferably with freshly washed and ironed laundry - on the bookshelf or even on the door.

7. Behavior towards doors

It seems to contradict cat habits that doors can be closed. The sensitive creatures apparently see this as a personal affront. So they scratch and knock on the door until the biped opens it. Then they stretch their heads out far enough so that the door can no longer be closed and stop for the time being. They prefer to behave this way when it is the front door and it is very cold, very hot or full of mosquitos outside. In the middle of the night, however, the bedroom door also does.