Sugar-sweet: freshly hatched penguin chick is checked through

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has feathered offspring: In June a tiny baby penguin hatched there. The first check-up of the tiny tailcoat can be seen in the video. The chick is examined and fed. His parents, the rockhopper penguins Annie and Edward, also feed it, but in order for the still nameless baby to stay healthy and grow tall and strong, some support is needed.

The employees of the aquarium do not yet know whether the cute penguin chick is a male or a female. This can only be determined in a year by a DNA test on the animal. Until then, the little gray beak named "Number 23" has to make do with it. The little rockhopper penguin currently fits on the palm of his human friends, but at three months he will be as tall as his parents. When he grows up, he will also get the decorative yellow head feathers that now adorn the heads of his mom and dad.

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