Hangover Maru and Hana in the hammock ... thumps!

Maru and cat Hana lie relaxed on a small hammock and exchange tenderness. But cat Maru has spread a little, so that his playmate really doesn't have much space in the bed - which leads to a really funny moment.

"It's so nice and comfortable with you on this hammock. Let's cuddle!", Hana seems to think and snuggles up to her animal friend Maru. Initially, the cuddly male cat enjoys the tenderness with his playmate, lets himself be licked by her and relaxes calmly on the hammock.

When Tom Maru tries to return the gentle touch and Hana finally gets affection from her roommate, she flops off the hammock. The Stubentiger had certainly not imagined the cuddling hour. Funny and always good for a laugh, these two cheeky fur noses!

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