Fur Ball - Watch out for the hair the cat swallows

Anyone who has a cat knows that this is one of the cleanest animals you can have, they are very fond of their own hygiene and live cleaning themselves. Cats lick themselves to clean themselves and to remove dead hair, the only problem is that they become a hairball after they swallow.

Take a furball it is very common among pussies, out of habit. However, it can become a serious health problem and here you will find out more about it.

The fur balls form what is called a trichobezoar, which are formed by, in addition to the fur ball, gastric secretions, this is what the cat usually vomits. This may seem like a bigger problem for medium or long-haired cats, but it also affects short-haired cats, albeit less often.

THE furball it is easier to be formed in the cat's stomach during moulting periods, that is, in spring and autumn, as the cat tends to lose more of its coat and, as a result of the habit of licking, they will swallow even more hair.

If the problem is really just the intake of hair, you can rest easy, as it is easily resolved. However, to know this, you should analyze the content of the vomit, to make sure if he vomited trichobezoar, vomited the food or a foreign object, for example. In these cases, a visit to the veterinarian is essential.

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When did the hairball become a more serious problem?

To vomit fur balls up to four times in a month is considered normal, for cats with long coats, less times for cats with short hair. This is because the cat's tongue is rough and does not allow him to spit the fur, so he ends up swallowing the hairs that come off during cleaning.

If the cat starts to vomit hairballs more often, it is advisable to take him to the vet, as it may not be such a simple matter. The vomiting of hair balls that is considered normal is not followed by other symptoms such as weight loss, loss of appetite, flaws appearing in the coat, diarrhea, dehydration, among others. If this is the case for your cat, the problem is more serious.

At fur balls they pass through the intestine, at this point they end up deregulating the kitten's digestive system and can cause changes such as diarrhea or difficulty in evacuating. Another major risk that he may be subject to is an intestinal occlusion, in which case it will be necessary to perform a surgical procedure to remove the swallowed hair ball.

How to prevent hairball problems

For the cat, expelling these hairballs through vomit is better than defecating them, however if he has trouble vomiting them, he must defecate, the important thing is to expel the hairball. For this, there is a special paste on the market that, when administered in the pussy, will produce a laxative effect that will help you to evacuate.

In addition, there are also special feeds, which contain high levels of insoluble fiber to stimulate intestinal regulation and facilitate the cat furball. It also contains a high level of soluble fiber, which improves the health of the pet's intestines. These products are made especially to help deal with this habit, which is so common, but which can be problematic, for cats.

Cats usually spend up to 2 hours a day licking each other, so you can imagine the amount of hair he ends up ingesting. In addition to licking for hygiene, cats who are depressed have a tendency to lick themselves even more often.

It is important to brush the cat's fur regularly, so that you prevent the dead coat from accumulating, considerably decreasing the risk of hair formation. hair ball in the cat's digestive tract, because even brushing it, it will still continue its own hygiene habit. Do the grooming too.

It is recommended to give the cat a quality feed that contributes to the health of the fur. Much less healthy hair falls. The feed must have mineral oil, as this ingredient will help the hair to loosen easier, preventing the hair ball from choking the cat or not passing through the intestine.

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