Orphaned skunk baby shows how it can stomp

The tiny skunk in the video was found orphaned on the street and was very lucky. The human finders kept the fluffy little guy at home overnight, pimped him up and played with him. The mini-skunk tries to stomp on his rescuer's fingers, but he always pulls them away in time. It just looks too cute with the tiny baby paws.

The little skunk got a cozy cage for his overnight stay, with lots of soft wood shavings, a bowl of milk and some food and a little house to hide. The animal cheerfully takes part in the funny pounding game and seems to forget for a moment that it has lost its family outside. The next day, his rescuers took him to the vet to check if the fluffy guy wasn't missing anything. Then the mini skunk came to a wild animal sanctuary, where it could be prepared for the big wide world in the wild.

Baby skunks are so cute!