Tiny hamster buddies: fun in a tiny playground

The little mini hamsters Dumptruck and Porkchop are best friends. In this video, the cute fleece balls have a lot of fun on the playground, which their owner had built especially for their first hamster chicken. Now the two chubby mates frolic happily on the small swing, the mini slide and in the tiny sandpit. To melt away!

"Ui, what is this here?", The two cute hamsters seem to ask themselves as they enter the playground. They curiously stand on their hind paws and raise their tiny noses in the air to explore the surroundings. Much to the delight of the cute rodents, treats such as nuts, sunflower seeds or pieces of vegetables are hidden everywhere on the playground. There is a nut on the slide: climbed up and - whoops! - slid down.

The cuddly burrows climb onto the mini swing, play with the balls and happily chew their delicious food. They were particularly taken with the tiny little sandpit: the cheek pouch holders wallow in it with pleasant pleasure, dig and rejoice. Such a sweet idea!

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