Cheeky cats: "We have the say in the office!"

In the offices of the "Poopy Cat" company, numerous cats help with the work. The company develops cat litter boxes and play towers for velvet paws, and these products are of course checked daily for their suitability by the cheeky animals - or used for playing.

As soon as the employees of "Poopy Cat" enter their office, they are greeted by a horde of cats. The sweet velvet paws live in the company's premises and obviously feel very comfortable there. The cute animals of course help diligently to ensure that the company is successful with their products by extensively testing the articles. For example, they romp in a play tower or pose for a photo in a litter box.

But of course the cheeky rascals also have all kinds of nonsense in their heads. They jump around on the tables or laptops, drink from water glasses, collapse play towers, pad around on the shoulders of the employees or make themselves comfortable on their seats. Everyday work is never boring with these adorable and saucy kitties!

Cats and laptops: simply inseparable