Feed change: How to get your cat used to it

New ingredients, an unusual consistency and, of course, a different taste: changing the diet brings many changes for a cat. In order to make the change as easy as possible for you, you should take it slow. When changing feed, the cat should be gradually changed - Shutterstock / elitravo

A smaller change of food - for example from one cat food brand to another - is unproblematic for most cats. This is a good thing, because it is advisable to offer cats with different types of food a varied diet. Stubentiger, on the other hand, find it a little harder to switch from dry food to wet food or from a product with a low meat content to one with a high content. Such a change takes a little time.

Tips for a slow change of feed

Cats are creatures of habit - also when it comes to their food. If they do not find the smell, consistency and taste familiar, they often prefer to avoid the new feed. To prevent this, you should first mix a small amount of the new cat food into your cat's normal meal every day. Get used to your velvet paw step by step by increasing the amount of new food a little every day while adding less and less of the old food. Feel free to mix a few treats with the cat food to make your new tiger tasty. If your cat doesn't like their new food at all, warming it up a little can help. Many velvet paws prefer to eat it.

Dangers of changing the feed too quickly

If your cat is having a hard time changing feed and is not eating, be careful not to starve too long, as this can be dangerous. A velvet paw's metabolism is designed to eat small portions several times a day. Longer periods of fasting can lead to health problems and should under no circumstances be accepted when changing feed. You can offer your cat the new food a couple of times - always fresh, of course - but if it doesn't eat it at all, you should return to the old food if necessary, or try again with another variety.

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