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Holidays with your four-legged friend: What dog hotels offer

Dog basket in the room: Of course in the dog hotel - Image: Shutterstock / Joy_enjoy

If your four-legged friend is going on vacation, dog hotels are in demand. Because even if some accommodations allow animal guests, they are not necessarily well attuned to them. In special inns that explicitly welcome dogs, however, you and your darling can really enjoy the vacation together.

It makes a big difference whether four-legged friends are only allowed in hotels or whether they are real dog hotels. In addition to a dog basket in the room, the latter also offer nice extras such as welcome treats or water bowls in various places. But the specialized facilities also offer other services for the best friend of man.

Dog Hotels: Service for humans and animals

Many dog ​​hotels offer their four-legged friends free exercise - with the exception of leisure facilities such as a sauna or swimming pool. This is essential for an uncomplicated vacation with your pet. Ideally, there is a garden or even an adjacent park with enough space to play and run around. More and more inn operators have discovered the dog friend as a customer and therefore offer much more than that.

So you can really pamper your darling in some dog hotels. Wellness for the dog is nothing unusual anymore! There are also massages, wellness baths, underwater treadmills and even therapy sessions for them. This way your dog can really relax on vacation. If you do want to do something without your four-legged friend, trained dog sitters take care of your pet, take it for a walk or are just there to play with him. Dog hotels offer luxury for humans and animals.

Leisure tips for holidays with your dog

Many dog ​​hotels also offer joint leisure activities for dogs and humans - for example, special hikes that are tailored to the preferences and needs of your animal companion. Really good inns that specialize in visiting dogs also give you tips on where to find outdoor areas, dog beaches or, in an emergency, veterinarians.

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