Tracking: A great sport for every dog

While many dog ​​sports work is really only suitable for the fit dog, the track work can be done successfully by any hobby sniffer. Find out here what makes tracking so special. Tracking: A dog sport for sniffers - Image: Shutterstock / Tina Rencelj

Without question, dog sports like agility or obedience are extremely popular and on everyone's lips - unfortunately they are not suitable for every dog, because physical fitness is a must. It is quite different with the track work, because it is wonderfully suitable even for dogs with diseases of the musculoskeletal system or seniors.

Important in this dog sport: calm and concentration

Tracking is not about acrobatics or speed, but about concentration and accuracy when using the nose. Therefore, this sport is a great alternative for hectic dogs, who like to go crazy with agility, for example. When searching, they learn to concentrate completely on the track for a while and are guaranteed to be exhausted afterwards, even without having to walk for hours - because the intensive use of the nose is exhausting.

This is how tracking works

When tracking, the dog follows a human-made track and learns to distinguish the crushed micro-particles in the grass and in the earth from the rest of the environment. For beginners, the trail is therefore very thorough and step by step, while advanced dogs can easily follow a rather careless and big step. The owner himself hardly affects his dog, but ends up walking about ten meters on a long leash behind his dog, who does the work completely alone. Constant commands are superfluous here.

Using the sniffer is fun!

The big advantage is that every dog ​​already has all the skills to successfully pursue this sport - namely his excellent sense of smell. Because tracking down things with the nose is a matter of course for dogs and corresponds completely to their natural behavior, the tracking does not have to be taught to them like a curious feat.

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