Walks with puppies: how often and for how long?

As long as the puppy is still growing, the following applies to the run: preferably a little more often, but briefly. A young dog's musculoskeletal system is not yet made for long walks and the many new impressions are exhausting for him. The first walks are full of new impressions for dog puppies

So that your puppy is not physically and mentally overwhelmed, it is therefore sufficient if they take several short walks with him every day. When he is about four months old, you can slowly expand it a bit.

How long should the walk be?

Three to five short walks a day are a good number for most puppies. As long as the youngster is still growing, it should run between five minutes and as many minutes as many weeks as it is old - a twelve-week-old puppy should therefore run between five and twelve minutes. Watch your little four-legged friend carefully. If you notice that it is getting too much for him, he is tired of it in between, or is exhausted after the walk, you can shorten the individual rounds a little. Maybe instead you can go out into the fresh air more often. If he is unbalanced, he may need a little more exercise - but the first tours shouldn't be much longer than a few minutes. If in doubt, make sure that your protégé is balanced with a little more playing time.

Run for the puppy: what you should pay attention to

In the short amount of time that you can walk with your puppy in one go, you can of course not cover very long distances with him. But if you don't always want to go the same way, it is best to carry it a little bit in between, or take it with you in the car. For longer walks, short breaks are important, in which the young dog is sure to enjoy a little playtime. You should avoid climbing stairs with him during the excursions.

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