Jogging with a dog: health tips

So that the fun of jogging with the dog is not spoiled, there are a few things to consider about the health of your favorite. First of all, jogging is more for larger, longer-legged dogs who have a great need for running due to their dispositions. Jogging is fun for two and four-legged friends - Image: Shutterstock / Sergey Nivens

If you want to jog with your dog, you should first note that this sport is not suitable for every dog: potty, four-legged friends like the Australian Shepherd or the Rhodesian Ridgeback are grateful for sporting activities like this. Small, bulky four-legged friends, whose physical requirements are not too geared towards sports, prefer to take slow and leisurely walks.

Is your dog suitable for jogging?

Moderately sporty dog ​​breeds such as the pug or the French bulldog are not ideal jogging companions and should under no circumstances be forced to do so. Young dogs that are still growing, old dogs, animals with joint problems or the predisposition to it and fur noses with other health problems should only be taken along for a jog after consultation with the veterinarian. Even with very healthy four-legged friends, consultation with the veterinarian can in no case hurt.

You should follow these health tips

Even sporty four-legged friends should slowly get used to jogging. Start with small rounds and gradually increase them. In the midday heat in summer you better stay at home for your health. In addition, do not run straight after the dog has eaten, but wait an hour or two.

Take water and a foldable dog bowl with you so that you can give your four-legged friend something to drink in between - after all, running is also exhausting for him. For your routes, it's best to choose shady paths and walk a lot on grass and unpaved paths to protect your pet's paws.

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