French bulldog: how to care for the puppy

With their short snouts and large bat ears, the French Bulldog puppies are particularly cute. But these cute baby dogs also need adequate care if they are to grow into healthy and well-behaved dogs. The French Bulldog puppies need a lot of care - Image: Shutterstock / JLSnader

Sweet bully puppies not only bring joy into the house, they also want to be properly cared for. Especially because of the skin folds of their typical "crumple faces", the humane and affectionate animals need special attention.

From an early age: care for the French Bulldog

For both puppies and adult French bulldogs, the following applies: The fur of the animals is short and easy to care for - however, special attention should be paid to the wrinkles on the head and eyes. In order to prevent dirt from settling in the skin folds, which can lead to inflammation and parasites, you must always keep them dry and clean, even in a young dog. With a puppy, you should be particularly careful with skin care - it is best to get used to it first Extensive pats to human contact before carefully cleaning the wrinkles with a damp cloth.

Bully puppies need a lot of attention

French bulldogs are among the most affectionate and people-related dog breeds. If a new puppy comes into the house, it is therefore important to pay enough attention to the little one. After all, the young dog not only has to get used to an unfamiliar environment, which is still quite uncanny for him, he will also miss "his" people and his littermates.

So that the bully puppy quickly finds a connection in the new home, you should not leave him alone for the first few days. After a while, you can gradually extend the periods the puppy spends alone. Either way, a young dog should not have to be alone for a long time. Together with the close contact with people, there is also the opportunity to playfully teach the little bully the first principles of education.

French bulldog: her puppies are so cute