Missing for a Month: Little Boy Reunites With His Stolen Puppy

The tragic August day
According to WKRN, Khalik Corbett had taken Boomer, his new 10-week-old Pit Bull-Type puppy, on a walk August 14th, when a car pulled up and two men started asking him about the puppy. Khalik said they were going to pet the pup, “He reached down, took off the leash and drove off.” While Khalik’s father gave chase, he couldn’t catch up.

All the distraught family could do then was hope their beautiful pup would find his way home.

The happy homecoming
It was Saturday morning and Angie Corbett, Khalik’s mother, was taking out the trash when she heard barking behind her. Thinking it was a stray dog, she turned around, and couldn’t believe what she saw. It was Boomer, tied to a telephone pole. Angie told WKRN, “I completely dropped the trash and flew over there and he was just wagging his little butt and just barking and I just started crying.”

Khalik was asleep when he heard his mother yell, “Boomer’s back!” He quickly jumped out of bed to be reunited with his puppy—now missing for over a month.

Boomer is a very lucky pup, and he’s not the only one. About a month ago we met Jax, who escaped his kidnappers by jumping out of a moving truck. Read his story here >>

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If you have any questions or concerns, you should always visit or call your veterinarian -- they are your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of your pets.

There, staring back at him, was a dog that looked exactly like their Missy! He was in shock, utter and complete disbelief! Except she had been renamed Bubbles.

“It was unbelievable, all this time looking for her without any results and with a search done on Google after almost a year, we managed to find her. Almost a year had gone by since she was taken so I thought maybe we could just have a look around, it was nothing more than that really but then, after I clicked on the first result on Google I saw this picture and I was completely amazed. I refreshed the page about three times and zoomed into the picture and there she was. I kept on double-checking because I was so shocked that I had actually found her.”

Facebook/Skylors Animal Rescue Source: Facebook/Skylors Animal Rescue

Delon called the animal shelter and explained what had happened to his Missy. He walked through the process of confirming that Missy was indeed his, then received the fantastic news that he could pick Missy up the very next day.

On cloud nine, Delon couldn’t wait to share the amazing news with his son. He decided to keep it a secret and told Bradley they were going on a little road trip.

Facebook/Skylor's Animal Rescue Source: Facebook/Skylor's Animal Rescue

The pair headed to the animal shelter to retrieve their girl. They couldn’t wait to see her!

“It’s an experience I’ll never forget, telling Bradley. He was beyond devastated when she was taken. But I’ll never forget his reaction when I told him that she’d be coming back, he was so happy.”

Facebook/Skylor's Animal Rescue Source: Facebook/Skylor's Animal Rescue

Missy instantly knew her family when they greeted her at the shelter. Her tail wagged and she glued herself to Bradley’s side.

Dawn Taylor, who runs Skylor’s Animal Rescue North Wales, could tell in her phone conversations with Delon how distraught the family had been over the loss of their beautiful dog.

“She was also missed so much by his son Bradley who she used to sleep with at night. And at the reunion there were no tears, just happiness. This has been a great day for Missy, her family and of course us – we are so glad a stolen, much-loved dog has found her way back home.”

Facebook/Skylor's Animal Rescue Source: Facebook/Skylor's Animal Rescue

Delon can tell that something unfortunate did happen to Missy. He said she’s still quite jumpy and the family realizes it will be a slow process winning her trust all over again.

He also is taking extra measures at home to protect her at home.

“I won’t be able to let her off the lead for a while. I’ve put fences up around the drive and there’s safety gates inside to stop her from leaving the house. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m also going to get CCTV installed. Some people would say that she’s just a dog, but to me she’s family and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that she is not taken again.”

Facebook/Skylor's Animal Rescue Source: Facebook/Skylor's Animal Rescue

The family profusely thanked the shelter for caring for Missy and keeping her safe until, as fate would have it, they were reunited with their girl.

“I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Skylor’s and to Angie who looked after Missy for two months. We’re so happy to have her back and that’s down to the work done by them.”

What an incredible story of a long lost dog returning to her family and finding her furever home a second time.

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Watch the adorable moment this little boy is reunited with his puppy

There’s something in our eye after watching this little boy bury his face in his lost puppy’s fur and whispers ‘Oh Kase, I missed you’.

Khane Williams from Lubbock, Texas, was devastated when his puppy Kase went missing in December.

But, after weeks of searching, Kase was found just down the street, where a family had taken him in and kept him warm and fed, and Khane’s mum Paula filmed the reunion and shared the clip on the Lost and Found Pets Facebook page.

Just wanted to share some good news! My sons puppy went missing about a month ago and we just found him. This is the…

Posted by Paula Williams on Friday, 8 January 2016

‘Just wanted to share some good news! My son’s puppy went missing about a month ago and we just found him. This is the video of my son reuniting with his baby Kase!’ Paula wrote.

In the short clip – now been viewed more than 3 million times since last week – Paula is heard calling to her son as he approaches the car – ‘Come on, I’ve got a surprise for you,’ she says, before gesturing inside the car ‘look, who’s that?’

‘Kase’, says Khane in shock, before bursting into tears. ‘Oh Kase, I missed you,’ he says before burying his face in the puppy’s fur.

Young Boy Reunites With His Lost Dog After A Month Apart

If you were to ask any dog owner what their worst fear is, it would probably be something along the lines of losing their dog. As pet owners, we do everything in our power to keep our pets safe. We train them to walk on leashes and be obedient while out in public so that we can lessen the possibilities of them running off or out into traffic. We not only make sure that the fences and gates surrounding our homes are not only built tall and sturdy enough to keep our dogs in the yard, but we also make sure that they’re properly locked in order to avoid any accidents. And when guests come over, we probably nag them to close the front door as quickly as possible in order to avoid a runner. Either way, we do our best to be responsible pet owners to our dogs. But sometimes, no matter how careful or well-trained our dogs might be, accidents happen, and dogs get loose and lost.

It’s a worst-case scenario, and as we search for them, we will often beat ourselves up over how we could’ve let that happen under our care. If adults can feel bad enough over a lost pet, a child’s grief for a furry friend is usually ten times worse. Which is why it’s always such a relief when our fur babies are found. And that makes reunion videos even sweeter to watch.

For one little boy, he had to go through the real-life nightmare of having his dog, Kase, run away. When it happened, his family immediately went searching for the pooch. However, a month went by and they were no closer to finding the missing dog. It was crushing to the young boy, who felt that he was never going to see his best friend again. But little did he know that his mother was about to surprise him with Kase. The lost dog had been found! Not telling the boy what was going on, the mom led him towards the dog with the promise of a “surprise.” As soon as he saw his missing pup, the boy immediately began to cry tears of joy as he called the dog’s name in confirmation.

Watch the emotional reunion below:

Who else needed a tissue for that special moment? Let us know what you thought of the boy reuniting with his dog!

Young Boy’s Stolen Puppy Found After Simon Cowell Aids Search With Huge Reward Offer

It may have arrived a few weeks late, but 3-year-old Edward Latter’s Christmas wish has finally been answered.

The young toddler was reunited with his stolen border terrier puppy, Morse, who went missing two weeks before Christmas. The Daily Mail reported that the 10-month-old pup was found by a couple some 20 miles from the boy’s home in Marden, Kent, in England one month after the dog had originally disappeared.

Photo: Twitter/Richard Latter

Latter’s mother, Amanda Hopkins, announced in a Facebook post that Morse had been recovered.

“He was found on the street in Meopham and taken in by a lovely family who bathed and fed him and then trawled the internet for lost dogs,” she wrote.

“Morse was vet checked yesterday morning and although he is a bit thin and his pads are worn, he seems to be in good health if a bit subdued.

“We are all over the moon. Thank you to everyone who has helped to bring him home. Your support has been unbelievable.”

Photo: Twitter/Richard Latter

Morse initially disappeared after he dug his way under a fence and wandered off. The dog was reportedly last seen being taken into a pickup truck by a strange man.

The theft left young Edward devastated. His father, Richard, began a social media campaign calling for the dog’s safe return. Edward, with the help of his dad, penned a touching letter to Father Christmas, writing that the only present he wanted this year was to get his dog back.

Famed TV personality and music mogul Simon Cowell caught wind of the campaign. A father and animal lover himself, Cowell offered a reward of £10,000, or $13,360, for the dog’s safe return.

Photo: Flickr/Allie Martin

It is not yet known whether Cowell rewarded the family that found and cared for Morse, though the family was pleased to reunite the lost pooch with Edward and his parents.

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Michelle Holt, a mother of two, spotted Morse walking through the street in front of her family’s house. She told the Daily Mail that the dog was covered in mud and appeared to have been out all night, and she wanted to get him out of the road for his own safety.

“He was shaking the poor little thing, so I bathed him and checked he was okay and was not injured. We got him warm and fed him and gave him a cuddle,” she told the Daily Mail.

Photo: Twitter/Richard Latter

Holt and her husband scoured the internet for missing dogs and believed they found a match. The couple contacted Edward’s father, Richard, who took his family to reunite with the dog after they were sent a photo.

Richard said he and Amanda still remained skeptical whether the dog was actually theirs, though young Edward recognized the dog immediately. A chip scan the following morning confirmed that the dog was in fact Morse.

“We instantly broke down in tears, I was delirious for a few seconds, it was absolutely wonderful, we were just hugging each other, hugging Edward and hugging the dog,” Richard said.

What a happy ending for young Edward, his puppy, Morse, and their family! While this story ends well, there are many others that don’t have such a joyful conclusion. It’s important for all outdoor pet owners to continually make sure your furry friend is living under the safest of conditions, especially as the elements become more severe during the winter months. Check out the information below to learn more about what you can do to promote pet safety.

With weather systems delivering punishingly-low temperatures,– along with ice, snow, and wind, deaths from the cold cycle are mounting, and they include animal victims. Heartbreaking images on social media of dogs left outside and frozen are almost too much to bear.

Our instinct, upon seeing these images, is to avert our eyes because it’s so painful. But we should not be bystanders as the drama unfolds in backyards, fields, and other settings in our communities. We can bring relief to these animals.

If someone with whom you raise these concerns responds poorly or their animals continue to be in danger, contact your local animal control agency. Pledge to do your part to protect animals during the winter!

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When you need answers to potentially life-and-death questions involving your best friend, it’s reassuring to know that the person on the other side of the screen actually knows what they’re talking about.

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Watch the video: 14-Year-Old Cries When Missing Dog Returns Home (June 2021).