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Bullmastiff: temperament and character

The Bullmastiff is listed dog in some states, but usually has a very peaceful and calm character. If he is expertly socialized, well-brought up and kept appropriately, he is a good family dog ​​with a balanced temperament. An attentive protector: The Bullmastiff - Image: Shutterstock / Inna Astakhova

The large, bulky Bullmastiff has an intelligent, watchful character and knows how to take care of the house, yard and owner without becoming aggressive or loud. Anyone who thinks of him as a family dog ​​rather than a guard dog can benefit from his relaxed temperament, but should be very familiar with dogs and their upbringing.

The Bullmastiff: A friendly but independent character

The brave, independent and somewhat headstrong Bullmastiff will probably keep a certain tendency to make independent decisions even with a good, careful upbringing. It is difficult for him to subordinate himself - whoever holds him should therefore be dog-experienced and assess this dog well and still be able to raise it perfectly. Also, that his character has a strong protective and guard instinct from birth, which should not be encouraged, his owners should consider in order to make him a perfect family member.

Serene temperament as a family dog

The Bullmastiff can adapt very well and is characterized by its loyalty. He is usually a loving protector of children and is calm and patient with them. He has a high stimulus threshold, thanks to which nothing can upset him so quickly, and is a rock in the surf if he is well brought up. Nevertheless, he is sensitive and does not tolerate violence - but that should go without saying.

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