In detail

At night when everyone is sleeping: what are the cats doing?

If you want to know more about certain aspects of cat life, just ask the two cats, Cole and Marmalade. Helpful, they demonstrate what cat owners may have always wanted to know - for example, what kitties actually do at night.

It is dark, everyone is asleep, or at least they are already in bed, and finally the two cat friends Cole and Marmalade have free rein to play a little secretly and go on a discovery tour. A camera records the two cute buddies as they drag their favorite toys around the apartment, sneak through the hall and chase a little over the sofas.

The cheeky marmalade even manages to get hold of a particularly coveted pen with pommels, with which he would probably never be allowed to play otherwise. After a while, the sweeties have enough and join their owners in bed: Now it's time to cuddle!

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