Diet for dogs with kidney problems

Older dogs in particular often have kidney problems and then need special nutrition. Only the vet can tell you exactly what your four-legged friend needs. But here's what you should pay attention to. If dogs have kidney problems, they have to drink a lot of water - Image: Shutterstock / dezi

If dogs have kidney problems, they should eat as little phosphorus as possible. In addition, the diet should be easy to digest and the dog must drink enough.

Kidney problems in dogs: be careful with phosphorus

For example, phosphorus is found in bones, fish bones, offal, egg yolk and dairy products. You should therefore only feed these foods in small quantities if your dog has kidney problems. For certain types of vegetables such as peas, artichokes, parsnips or broccoli, you should also be careful and ask your veterinarian for advice.

Salt or sodium should also be avoided in large quantities if dogs have kidney problems. Furthermore, salt can have a draining effect and this is not healthy for four-legged friends with kidney disease. You don't have to do without it completely, but the salt content should be reduced, especially if you have high blood pressure.

Dogs with kidney problems need easily digestible food

So that your darling is supplied with all the necessary nutrients, his diet should still be varied, even if he has kidney problems. Above all, choose high-quality ingredients that are easy to digest and consider whether you can cook the dog food yourself. Several small portions throughout the day help the animal patient to better utilize the food.

Dogs with renal insufficiency: treatment

The faster kidney failure is discovered in the dog and the veterinarian begins treatment ...

Adequate hydration is important, so your dog should always get a bowl of fresh water next to their food bowl. Dry food is not well suited for four-legged friends with kidney disease and should be avoided if possible.