French Bulldog: cute little video portrait

The French Bulldog belongs to an incredibly charming and popular dog breed. And what there is to say about the little four-legged friends with the pointed ears ...

While the first steps in breeding French bulldogs were on British soil, the breed was subsequently bred in France. Miniature bulldogs played a major role in this, but the crossbreeding of pug and terrier also helped to make the small dog with the big bat ears into a friendly family dog.

If you have a representative of this type of dog at home, you will experience it as playful, social and funny. It can be kept wonderful in the apartment, but needs its regular beautiful trips into the countryside. It is important that these dogs are very sensitive to cold and heat and need a responsible owner who has a good view of them in extreme weather conditions. Of course there are many more exciting facts about the little four-legged friend, for example here: grooming and keeping of the French Bulldog.

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