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Basenji: What has to be taken into account when keeping animals

There are several important points to consider when keeping a Basenji. For example, the dog needs a lot of exercise and owners who are very familiar with this breed and its peculiarities. Run? Sure, of course! After all, the Basenji is a hunting dog - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNika

If you are holding a Basenji, you must be aware that this dog has a very strong hunting instinct. While walking, he is not only vigilant and curious, but can also go his own way if he senses an exciting track. It is important to always keep a close eye on him and possibly lead him on a tow line.

High need for employment

The Basenji needs a lot of exercise to be full. Running is one of his favorite things to do. Moving to the city with him is usually not a good idea - it is difficult to offer him species-appropriate conditions that meet his walking and employment needs.

The Basenji in the house

In the house, the Basenji is a quiet, unobtrusive contemporary who is characterized by little smell, hardly any hair loss and a great cleanliness. However, he takes a lot of time with his owners and doesn't like being alone. Constantly spending time with a dog sitter is not optimal for the dog, since it binds itself strongly to its owner, can do little with strangers, on the other hand, and reacts coolly and rather rejects them.

Other special features in keeping

Taking care of the house is a matter of course for this independent, alert dog. Be careful if you leave him unattended in the garden: the four-legged friend is known for taking on independent small tours. Secure your garden well to avoid attempts to break out.

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What dogs of this breed don't tolerate so well is cold. You should be used to it carefully and possibly protected with a cozy dog ​​coat in winter.