This is how you get used to dog and horse

If the dog and horse are to get used to each other, the earlier the better. It is best to ensure that your puppy or foal gets to know the other animal - of course only from its best side. The first meeting between dog and horse is exciting for both - Image: Shutterstock / Sheeva1

Important: In order to get the dog and horse used to each other, both should not have had bad experiences with the other animal beforehand. If this is the case, a horse or dog trainer is the best way to help you. If the basic conditions are right, it is best to start with a little distance to familiarize the animals with each other.

Tips for the first visits to the horse

First of all, walk along a horse pasture with your leashed puppy, so that he gets used to the sight of the large animals. You can of course do the same with the adult dog if it was not possible before. If the dog is nice and calm, it is praised by voice and caresses. A treat also makes it clear to him that it pays to be good around horses. If the dog is afraid or barks, it is best to ignore it and to increase the distance to the horses again. Short visits are enough first and can be extended over time. If everything goes well, you can take your dog with you to the stables. To teach him not to be afraid, but to have respect for horses, your concentration is required.

Get the dog and horse used to each other: This is how it continues

The young dog should not learn from a painful and dangerous experience that the young dog does not get too close to the horse's hooves, but from you. Warn your four-legged friend with the command "Watch out" when he approaches the hooves, every time. He has to learn not to approach the horse from behind, as this could scare the escape animal.

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Take a walk with the dog and horse to get the two used to each other. You are responsible and attentive to avoid dangerous situations. Here too you work a lot with praise for your animals and give your four-legged friends as much time as they need to become more and more familiar with the other animal species.